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A platform for leveraging next generation sequencing for routine microbiology and public health use.
Rusu, L. I., Wyres, K. L., Reumann, M., Queiroz, C., Bojovschi, A., Conway, T., Garg, S., Edwards, D. J., Hogg, G. and Holt, K. E.
BMC Health Information Science and Systems 3(Suppl 1), S7, 2015


Deep Belief Networks and Biomedical Text Categorisation
Antonio Jimeno Yepes, Andrew Mackinlay, Justin Bedo, Rahil Garnavi, Qiang Chen
ALTA, 2014

Resolving ambiguity in genome assembly using high performance computing
Mahtab Mirmomenia, Thomas Conwaya, Matthias Reumannb, Justin Zobelc
Australasia’s big data in biomedicine \& healthcare conference, 36, 2014

Identifying Twitter location mentions
B Han, A Jimeno Yepes, A MacKinlay, Q Chen
ALTA, 2014

Spatio-temporal information and knowledge representation of disease incidence and respective intervention strategies.
Davis, M., von Cavallar, S., Wyres, K. L., Reumann, M., Sepulveda, M. J., and Rogers, P
2014 European Federation for Medical Informatics and IOS Press

Multivariate Spearman's rho for rank aggregation
Justin Bedo, Cheng Soon Ong
NIPS Workshop, pp. 2--6, 2014

WGS analysis and interpretation in clinical and public health microbiology laboratories: what are the requirements and how do existing tools compare?
Kelly L Wyres, Thomas C Conway, Saurabh Garg, Carlos Queiroz, Matthias Reumann, Kathryn Holt, Laura I Rusu
Pathogens 3(2), 437--458, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2014