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Brain-Inspired Computing Research Publications


Densely Supervised Grasp Detector (DSGD)
U. Asif, J. Tang, S. Harrer
Proc. AAAI 2019


GraspNet: An Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Real-time Grasp Detection for Low-powered Devices
Umar Asif, Jianbin Tang, and Stefan Harrer
IJCAI, 2018

ChronoNet: A Deep Recurrent Neural Network for Abnormal EEG Identification
S. Roy, I. Kiral-Kornek, S. Harrer
arXiv:1802.00308 [eess.SP], 2018

EnsembleNet: Improving Grasp Detection using an Ensemble of Convolutional Neural Networks
U. Asif, J. Tang, S. Harrer
Proc. BMVC, 2018

A Robust Low-Cost EEG Motor Imagery-Based Brain-Computer Interface
S. Yohanandan, I. Kiral-Kornek, J. Tang, B. Mashford, U. Asif, S. Harrer
Proc. IEEE EMBC, 2018

Deep Learning Enabled Automatic Abnormal EEG Identification
S. Roy, I. Kiral-Kornek, S. Harrer
Proc. IEEE EMBC, 2018


TrueNorth-enabled Real-time Classification of EEG Data for Brain-Computer Interfacing
I. Kiral-Kornek, D. Mendis, E, S. Nurse, B. S. Mashford, D, R. Freestone, D, B. Grayden, S. Harrer
Proc. IEEE EMBC, 2017

Epileptic Seizure Prediction Using Big Data and Deep Learning: Toward a Mobile System
I. Kiral-Kornek, S. Roy, E. Nurse, B. Mashford, P. Karoly, T. Carroll, D. Payne, S. Saha, S. Baldassano, T. O'Brien, M. Cook, D. Grayden, D. Freestone, S. Harrer
EBioMedicine (The Lancet), 2017

Deep-learning-based analysis of EEG-data for developing real-time brain-machine interfaces
B. S. Mashford, A. Jimeno Yepes, I. Kiral-Kornek, J. Tang. S. Harrer
IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2017

Improving energy efficiency and classification accuracy of neuromorphic chips by learning binary synaptic crossbars
A. Jimeno Yepes, B. Mashford, J. Tang
IJCAI 2017


Decoding EEG and LFP Signals using Deep Learning: Heading TrueNorth
E. Nurse, B. Mashford, A. Jimeno Yepes, I. Kiral-Kornek, J. Tang, P. Karoly, L. Deligianni, S. Harrer, D. Freestone
ACM Computing Frontiers, 2016

Weighted Population Code for low power neuromorphic image classification
A. Jimeno Yepes, J. Tang, S. Saxena, T. Brosch, A. Amir
Proc. IJCNN (IEEE), 2016

From Wearables to Thinkables - Deep Learning, Nanobiosensors and the Next Generation of Mobile Devices
S. Harrer, I. Kiral-Kornek, R. Kerr, B. Mashford, J. Tang, A. Jimeno Yepes, H. Deligianni
White Paper. ICONN 2016, Canberra, AU.

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