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Graph Analytics Publications


LoCaTe: Influence Quantification for Location Promotion in Location-based Social Networks
Ankita Likhyani, Srikanta Bedathur, and Deepak P.
IJCAI , 2017

Sampling and Reconstruction using Bloom Filters
Neha Sengupta, Amitabha Bagchi, Srikanta Bedathur and Maya Ramanath
IEEE Intl. Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), 2017
(short paper)


Quark-X: An Efficient Top-K Processing Framework for RDF Quad Stores
Jyoti Leeka, Srikanta Bedathur, Debajyoti Bera and Medha Atre
Proc. of CIKM 2016.

ESPRESSO: Explaining Relationships between Entity Sets
Stephan Seufert, Klaus Berberich, Srikanta Bedathur, Sarath Kumar Kondreddi, Patrick Ernst and Gerhard Weikum
Proc. of CIKM 2016.


Tracking the Conductance of Rapidly Evolving Topic-Subgraphs
Sainyam Galhotra, Amitabha Bagchi, Srikanta Bedathur, Maya Ramanath, Vidit Jain
Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment (PVLDB) 8(13), 2015

Instant Espresso: Interactive Analysis of Relationships in Knowledge Graphs
Stephan Seufert, Patrick Ernst, Srikanta Bedathur, Sarath Kumar Kondreddi, Klaus Berberich, Gerhard Weikum
25th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), 2015


RQ-RDF-3X: Going Beyond Triplestores
Jyoti Leeka and Srikanta Bedathur
5th International Workshop on Data Engineering meets the Semantic Web (DESWeb), 2014


Ferrari: Flexible and efficient reachability range assignment for graph indexing
Stephan Seufert, Avishek Anand, Srikanta Bedathur, Gerhard Weikum
Data Engineering (ICDE), 2013 IEEE 29th International Conference on, pp. 1009--1020

Label constrained shortest path estimation
Ankita Likhyani, Srikanta Bedathur
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM international conference on Conference on information \& knowledge management, pp. 1177--1180, 2013

Sparqling kleene: fast property paths in RDF-3X
Andrey Gubichev, Srikanta J Bedathur, Stephan Seufert
First International Workshop on Graph Data Management Experiences and Systems, pp. 14, 2013

Efficient Computation of Relationship-Centrality in Large Entity-Relationship Graphs.
Stephan Seufert, Srikanta J Bedathur, Johannes Hoffart, Andrey Gubichev, Klaus Berberich
International Semantic Web Conference (Posters \& Demos), pp. 265--268, 2013

Team Members

  • Srikanta Bedathur
  • Sumit Neelam
  • Ananda Das