Macromolecular Chemotherapeutics and Anticancer Drug Delivery Publications


Addressing Drug Resistance in Cancer with Macromolecular Chemotherapeutic Agents
Nathaniel H. Park, Wei Cheng, Fritz Lai, Chuan Yang, Paola Florez de Sessions, Balamurugan Periaswamy, Collins Wenhan Chu, Simone Bianco, Shaoqiong Liu, Shrinivas Venkataraman, Qingfeng Chen, Yi Yan Yang, James L Hedrick
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2018


Organocatalytic Anticancer Drug Loading of Degradable Mixed Micelles via a Biomimetic Mechanism
Julian M. W. Chan, Jeremy P. K. Tan, Amanda C. Engler, Xiyu Ke, Shujun Gao, Chuan Yang, Yi Yan Yang, and James L. Hedrick
Macromolecules 49(6), 2013, 2016


Structure-directing star-shaped block copolymers: supramolecular vesicles for the delivery of anticancer drugs
Z. X. Voo, M. Khan, K. Narayanan, D. Seah, James L. Hedrick, Y. Y. Yang
Journal of Controlled Release208, 93--105, Elsevier, 2015

Thermoresponsive random poly (ether urethanes) with tailorable LCSTs for anticancer drug delivery
H. Sardon, J. P. Tan, J. M. Chan, D. Mantione, D. Mecerreyes, J. L. Hedrick, Y. Y. Yang
Macromolecular rapid communications 36(19), 1761--1767, Wiley Online Library, 2015


Injectable hydrogels from triblock copolymer of Vitamin E-functionalized polycarbonates and poly)ethylene glycol) for subcutaneous delivery of antibody for cancer therapy
Ashlynn L.Z. Lee, Victor W.L. Ng, Shujun Gao, James L. Hedrick, Yi Yan Yang
Advance Functional Materials24, 1538, 2014

pH-sensitive polycarbonate micelles for enhanced intracellular release of anticancer drugs: a strategy to circumvent multidrug resistance
Xiyu Ke, Daneil J. Coady, Chuan Yang, Amanda C. Engler, James L. Hedrick and Yi-Yan Yang,
Polymer Chemistry 5(7), 2621--2628, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014


The effect of kinetic stability on biodistribution and anti-tumor efficacy of drug-loaded biodegradable polymeric micelles
A. B. Ebrahim Attia, C. Yang, J. P. K. Tan, S. Gao, D. Williams, James L. Hedrick, Y. Y. Yang,
Biomaterials46, 1283, 2013


The use of cholesterol-containing biodegradable block copolymers to exploit hydrophobic interactions for the delivery of anticancer drugs
A. L. Z. Lee, S. Venkataraman, S. B. M. Sirat, S. Gao, J. L. Hedrick, Y. Y. Yang
Biomaterials 33(6), 1921, 2012

The role of non-covalent interactions in anticancer drug loading and kinetic stability of polymeric micelles
C. Yang, A. Attia, J. P. K. Tan, J. L. Hedrick, Yi Yan Yang
Biomaterials 33(10), 2971, 2012


Delivery of Anticancer Drugs Using Polymeric Micelles Stabilized by Hydrogen-Bonding Urea Groups
J.P.K. Tan, S.H. Kim, F. Nederberg, K. Fukushima, D.J. Coady, A. Nelson, Y.Y. Yang, J.L. Hedrick
Macromolecular rapid communications 31(13), 1187--1192, Wiley Online Library, 2010


Self-assembled polymer nanostructures for delivery of anticancer therapeutics
Wiradharma, Nikken and Zhang, Ying and Venkataraman, Shrinivas, James L. Hedrick, Yang, Yi Yan
Nano Today 4(4), 302--317, Elsevier, 2009

Hierarchical supermolecular structures for sustained drug release
Tan, Jeremy PK and Kim, Sung Ho and Nederberg, Fredrik and Appel, Eric A and Waymouth, Robert M and Zhang, Y, James L Hedrick, and Yang, Yi Yan
Small 5(13), 1504--1507, Wiley Online Library, 2009

A Simple Approach to Stabilized Micelles Employing Mikto-arm Terpolymers and Stereocomplexes
F. Nederberg, E. Appel, J. P. K. Tan, S. H. Kim, K. Fukushima, J. Sly, R. D. Miller, Y. Y. Yang. R. M. Waymouth, J. L. Hedrick
Biomacromolecules10, 1460, 2009