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IBM FPgen Floating Point Test Generator (FPgen) Publications


Simulation-based verification of floating-point division
Guralnik, Elena and Aharoni, Merav and Birnbaum, Ariel J and Koyfman, Anatoly
IEEE Transactions on Computers 60(2), 176--188, IEEE, 2011

Injecting Floating-Point Testing Knowledge into Test Generators
Merav Aharoni, Emanuel Gofman, Elena Guralnik and Anatoly Koyfman
Haifa Verification Conference (HVC), 2011


Decimal floating-point in z9: an implementation and testing perspective
A.Y.Duale, M.H.Decker, H.G.Zipperer, M. Aharoni, T. J. Bohizic
IBM Journal of Research and Development 51(1/2), 217 - 228, 2007

Solving Constraints on the Intermediate Result of Decimal Floating-Point Operations
Merav Aharoni, Ron Maharik, Abraham Ziv
Computer Arithmetic, 2007. ARITH'07. 18th IEEE Symposium on, pp. 38--45


Solving Constraints on the Invisible Bits of the Intermediate Result for Floating-Point Verification
Merav Aharoni, Sigal Asaf, Ron Maharik, Ilan Nehama, Ilya Nikulshin, Abraham Ziv
Arith 17, pp. 76 - 83, 2005


FPgen-a test generation framework for datapath floating-point verification
Aharoni, Merav and Asaf, Sigal and Fournier, Laurent and Koifman, Anatoly and Nagel, Raviv
High-Level Design Validation and Test Workshop, 2003. Eighth IEEE International, pp. 17--22

Solving Range Constraints for Binary Floating-Point Instructions
Abraham Ziv, Merav Aharoni, Sigal Asaf
Arith 16, pp. 158-164, 2003