Neuro-Symbolic AI - Awards & Recognitions

Election to the National Academy of Sciences

Ron Fagin

2020 ACM Alonzo Church Award

Ron Fagin, Phokion Kolaitis, Lucian Popa, Wang-Chiew Tan, Renee Miller

Test of Time Award of the Society of Computational Geometry

Kenneth L. Clarkson

Election as the President of AAAI

Francesca Rossi

The American Foundation for the Blind "Helen Keller Achievement Award"

Chieko Asakwa

Chief Executive Director of Miraikan, Tokyo

Chieko Asakwa


[Best Paper] Yu Chen, Lingfei Wu and Mohammed J. Zaki. Deep Iterative and Adaptive Learning for Graph Neural Networks, AAAI 2020 Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methodologies and Applications
[Best Paper] Katy Gero, Maria Ruis, Zahra Ashktorab, J Johnson, Sadhana Kumaravel, Wei Zhang, Qian Pan, Murray Campbell, Casey Dugan, David Millen, Sarah Miller, Werner Geyer. Mental Models of AI Agents in a Cooperative Game Setting, CHI 2020

[Winner submission] Pierre Dognin, Igor Melnyk, Youssef Mroueh, Inkit Padhi, Mattia Rigotti, Jerret Ross, Yair Schiff. VizWiz-Captions dataset challenge of the CVPR2020, VizWiz Grand Challenge workshop


Phokion Kolaitis Event at SIGMOD 2019
APS Onsager prize, Yuhai Tu, 2019 
Lingfei Wu has been appointed as an Associate Editor for ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (LINK)
IJCAI 2019 distinguished service award, Francesca Rossi, August 2019
World Technology Award for Ethics, Francesca Rossi, January 2019
[First rank based on the empirical evaluation methodology]Oktay Gunluk, Sanjeeb Dash, Dennis Wei. Boolean-Decision-Rule,FICO xML challenge, NeurIPS2018
[Blue sky idea award]Building Ethically Bounded AI, Francesca Rossi and Nicholas Mattei. Senior member presentation track, AAAI 2019 
IPO "Inventor of the Year award", Chieko Asakawa
US National Inventors Hall of Fame, Chieko Asakawa
Disability:IN "John D. Kemp Leadership Award", Chieko Asakawa
[Best paper award nominee] S. Blandin, L. Wynter, H. Poonawala, B. Dura, FASTER: Fusion AnalyticS for public Transport Event Response, AAMAS 2019
[Biennial Best Publication in Applied Probability Award] David Goldberg, Dmitriy Katz-Rogozhnikov, Yingdong Lu, Mayank Sharma, Mark S. Squillante, Linwei Xin.  Asymptotic Optimality of Constant-Order Policies for Lost Sales Inventory Models with Large Lead Times., INFORMS Applied Probability Society
[Best Paper Award (1/2590)] Ziyao Zhang, Liang Ma, Konstantinos Poularakis, Kin K. Leung, and Lingfei Wu, "DQ Scheduler: Deep Reinforcement Learning Based Controller Synchronization in Distributed SDN" IEEE ICC2019
[BEST Paper Award] Hanning Gao, Lingfei Wu, Po Hu and Fangli Xu, "Exploiting Graph Neural Networks with Context Information for RDF-to-Text Generation", In the ACM SIGKDD 2019 International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications
[BEST STUDENT PAPER Award] Shucheng Li, Lingfei Wu, Shiwei Feng, Fangli Xu, Fengyuan Xu and Sheng Zhong, "An Empirical Study of Graph Neural Networks Based Semantic Parsing", In the ACM SIGKDD 2019 International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications. 
[Outstanding Student Paper Honorable Mention] Shayegan Omidshafiei, Dong Ki Kim, Miao Liu, Gerald Tesauro, Matthew Riemer, Chris Amato, Murray Campbell, Jonathan How, "Learning to Teach in Cooperative Multiagent Reinforcement Learning", AAAI2019 
[Best Paper Award] A. Godbole, D. Kavarthapu, R. Das, Z. Gong, A. Singhal, H. Zamani, Mo Yu, T. Gao, Xiaoxiao Guo, M. Zaheer, A. McCallum. Multi-step Entity-centric Information Retrieval for Multi-Hop Question Answering. EMNLP 2019 MRQA Workshop