Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI) team     


Cyber Security Intelligence (CSI) team - Impact

The CSI team had direct impact with core contributions to IBM security products and open source projects; and contributed to securing commercial and open source software.

IBM products and offerings

Open source projects

  • SysFlow open telemetry and edge analytics: GitHub  readthedocs  Slack
  • Kestrel Threat Hunting Language: GitHub  readthedocs  Slack
  • Adversarial Robustness Toolbox (ART): GitHub

Security vulnerabilities


Jiyong Jang

Team Members

Jiyong Jang photo FREDERICO ARAUJO photo Sanjeev Das photo  Kevin Eykholt photo  photo Taesung Lee photo Shachee Mishra photo  Douglas L Schales photo Xiaokui Shu photo Teryl Taylor photo

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