IBM Research Horizons | April 20-22, 2021     


IBM Research Horizons | April 20-22, 2021 - Resources

Scaling AI in the Cloud  

Trusting AI

Innovations in Natural Language Understanding for Business

Project Debater

Table Extraction publications and blogs

  • IUI 2021 (demo): TableLab: An Interactive Table Extraction System with Adaptive Deep Learning  (PDF, video demo)
  • WACV 2021: Global Table Extractor (GTE): A Framework for Joint Table Identification and Cell Structure Recognition Using Visual Context (PDF)
  • ACL 2021 - COVID-19 Workshop: CORD-19: The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (PDF
  • Tutorials: ICML 2019, VLDB 2020:



Table Retrieval and QA publications

AI Infrastructure Optimizer

For more information on AI Infrastructure Optimizer contact Andrea Greggo at

AI at the Edge

For more information about the Edge AI SDK, including the Edge AI SDK Lab at IBM THINK 2021, please contact Nancy Greco at

Open Source

Good Tech: AI Suitcase for the Visually Impaired Suitcase


Where is AI Headed? A Fireside Chat with IBM Research Leaders

IBM AI Research website:

Think 2021:

For information about IBM Research sessions at Think 2021, contact Tom Jackman at or your IBM client representative. 

Ask Tom or your IBM client representative to be nominated to participate in hands-on training sessions delivered by IBM researchers. These sessions are aimed at technical practitioners and managers. IBM Research training at Think 2021 includes:

  • How to assess and certify a model’s fairness, robustness, explainability, and privacy
  • Is your data ready for AI?
  • Building advanced text understanding applications with Project Debater APIs
  • Build your first Edge AI app with IBM Research Edge AI SDK

What is a Discovery Driven Enterprise?


What’s Next in AI - A virtual conference: 

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