Electrical I/O Subsystems and Packaging       


 Michael R Scheuermann photo

Electrical I/O Subsystems and Packaging - Awards

These external awards were recognized to members of the team:

DesignCon 2010 Paper Award: "Fast Physics-Based Via and Trace Models for Signal and Power Integrity Co-Analysis" by X. Gu, et al.

DesignCon 2008 Paper Award: "Multi-level Signaling in High-density, High-speed Electrical Links" by D. Kam, et al.

DesignCon 2006 Paper Award: "Developing a ´Physical` Model for Vias" by C. Schuster, et al.

DesignCon 2005 Paper Award: "The Recessed Probe Launch: A New Signal Launch for High Frequency Characterization of Board Level Packaging" by Y. Kwark, et al.