IBM Student Workshop for Frontiers of Cloud Computing 2010 - Program

IBM Student Workshop for Frontiers of Cloud Computing, New York, USA
Student Workshop for Frontiers of Cloud Computing
Student Workshop for Frontiers of Cloud Computing
Hawthorne, NY, USA�� September 9-10, 2010

Day 1: Thursday, September 9th

8:30-9:00AM Coffee and Snack, Atrium

9:00-9:10AM Opening Remarks, Chung-Sheng Li (Director), GN-F15

9:10-10:10AM IBM Cloud Strategy Executive Talk (.pdf), Erich Clementi (IBM SVP), GN-F15

10:10-11:00AM Networking. Session Chair: Erich Nahum, GN-F15

CloudNet: Optimizing WAN Migration in Private Clouds
� Tim Wood (University of Massachusetts)

Wide-area Network Acceleration for the Developing World (.ppt)
� Sunghwan Ihm (Princeton Uiversity)

11:00-11:20AM Break, Atrium

11:20AM-12:35PM Mobility. Session Chair: Fan Ye, GN-F15

CreekWatch: Enhancing participatory water monitoring activity
� Sunyoung Kim (CMU)

CrowdSearch: Exploiting Crowds for Accurate Real-Time Image Search on Mobile Phones (.pdf)
� Tingxin Yan (University of Massachusetts)

Privately Querying Location-based Services using SybilQuery (.ppt)
� Pravin Shankar (Rutgers University)

12:35-1:35PM Lunch break, Atrium

1:35-2:05PM IBM Research Talk on Nested Virtualization (.pdf), Anthony Liguori and Dilma M Da Silva

2:05-3:20PM Performance. Session Chair: Xiaoqiao Meng, GN-F15

Power-efficient Server Provisioning in Server Farms (.ppt)
� Anshul Gandhi (CMU)

Building Adaptive Performance Models for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Data Centers (.pdf)
� Jin Chen (University of Toronto)

Assuring Integrity of Dataflow Processing in Large-Scale Cloud Systems (.ppt)
� Juan Du (North Carolina State University)

3:20-3:40PM Break, Atrium

3:40-5:20PM Operating Systems. Session Chair: Kyung D Ryu, GN-F15

NoHype: Virtualized Cloud Infrastructure without the Virtualization (.ppt)
� Eric Keller (Princeton University)

Differential Virtual Time (DVT): Rethinking I/O Service Differentiation for Virtual Machines (.pdf)
� Mukil Kesavan (GA Tech)

Skew-resistant parallel processing of feature-extracting scientific user-defined functions (.ppt)
� YongChul Kwon (University of Washington)

Memory-Efficient Virtual Machine High Availability(.ppt)
� Karen Kai-Yuan Hou (University of Michigan)

5:20-6:20PM Poster session, Atrium

6:30-8:00PM Dinner at Tramanto (27 Saw Mill River Road,Hawthorne, New York 10532)

Day 2: Friday, September 10th

8:30-9:00AM Coffee and Snack, Atrium

9:00-9:30AM IBM Research Talk: VM Images as Structured Data, Xiaolan (Catherine) Zhang

9:30-10:45AM Distributed and Fault Tolerant Computing. Session Chair:Mike Spreitzer, GN-F15

New Challenges in Cloud Datacenter Monitoring and Management (.ppt)
� Shicong Meng (GA Tech)

Mesos: Efficiently Sharing the Datacenter
� Benjamin Hindman (UC Berkeley)

FOS: An Operating System for Clouds and Multicore (Best Presentation Award)
� David Wentzlaff (MIT)

10:45-11:15AM Break, Atrium

11:15AM-12:30PM Security and Privacy. Session Chair: Mihai Christodorescu, GN-F15

Security Audits of Multi-tier Virtual Infrastructures in Public Infrastructure Clouds (.pdf)
� Soeren Bleikertz (TU Denmark)

SPORC: Group Collaboration using Untrusted Cloud Resources
� Ariel Feldman (Princeton University)

HyperSentry: Enabling Stealthy In-context Measurement of Hypervisor Integrity (.ppt)
� Ahmed Azab (North Carolina State University)

12:30-1:30PM Lunch break, Atrium

1:30-2:45PM Storage. Session Chair: Hai Huang, GN-F15

I/O Deduplication: Utilizing Content Similarity to Improve I/O Performance (.pdf)
� Ricardo Koller Jemio (Florida International University)

Storage Management in Virtualized Cloud Environments (.ppt)
� Sankaran Sivathanu (GA Tech)

A framework for experiment-driven system management (.pdf)
� Vamsidhar Thummala (Duke University)

2:45-3:15PM Break, Atrium

3:15-4:30PM Services Computing. Session Chair: Chunqiang (CQ) Tang, GN-F15

Integrated lifecycle of Virtualized Services on the cloud (.ppt)
� Karuna Pande Joshi (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Performance and Availability Models for IaaS Cloud and Their Applications (.ppt)
� Rahul Ghosh (Duke University)

Optimizing MapReduce Provisioning in the Cloud (.ppt)
� Michael Cardosa (University of Minnesota)

4:30-4:50PM Concluding Remarks, GN-F15