Artificial Intelligence (subdiscipline) - Community Service

Workshops and tutorials (organization):

  1. Workshop at NIPS 2010: Irina Rish, Alex Niculescu-Mizil, Guillermo Cecchi and Aurelie Lozano: Practical Applications of Sparse Modeling
  2. Janusz Marecki organized a workshop on Adversarial Decision Making
  3. Tutorial at KDD 2010: Alina Beygelzimer and John Langford: Learning through Exploration
  4. Tutorial at ICML 2010: Alina Beygelzimer and John Langford: Learning Through Exploration
  5. Tutorial at ICML 2010: Irina Rish and Genady Grabarnik: Sparse Modeling
  6. Workshop at ICML/COLT 2010: Yossi Richter and Elad Yom-tov: Social analytics: Learning from human interactions
  7. Workshop at ICML/COLT 2010: Michal Rosen-Zvi and Amit Gruber: Topic Models: Structure, Applications, Evaluation, and Extensions
  8. Workshop at ICML/COLT 2010: Prem Melville: Budgeted Learning

Conference Organization and Service:

NIPS: Gerald Tesauro on the NIPS Foundation Board of Directors (1995-present)
NIPS: Irina Rish on the Senior Program Committee
UAI, ALT: Alina Beygelzimer on the Senior Program Committee
COLT/ICML: Shai Fine, Oded Margalit, and Dan Pelleg were the Local Organizers; Noam Slonim was the Volunteer Chair; Ettie Gilead was the Publicity and Production Chair; Vered Aharon was the Technical Assistant and Local chair; Efrat Maimon was the Webmaster.
ICAPS: Biplav Srivastava on the Program Committee
AAAI's AI-Web track: Biplav Srivastava on the Senior Program Committee
AAAI's New Scientific and Technical Advances in Research Papers (Nectar) Track: Tessa Lau on Program Committee
IAAI: David Ferrucci on Program Committee

COLT 2009 PC: Elad Hazan
ICML 2009 Area Chair: Naoki Abe
IUI 2009: Larry Bergman (Registration Chair, Program Committee Associate Chair)