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Our island features a variety of team building games and community features, designed to facilitate the development of a variety of teaming skills. Some examples:

Crossing the Ravine
Your team sets out to explore the world and encounters an obstacle: a ravine that appears impassible. Fortunately, each of you has an object that, when connected with the others, forms a bridge that spans to the other side. You must negotiate with the other team members on the placement of the pieces in order to cross the ravine and continue the journey.

Tower of Babble
The team is given a set of blocks with varying geometry. They take turns placing blocks on top of each other until the structure falls. It might sound simple, but achieving the ever-elusive top score requires teamwork, strategy, and leadership. Inspired by the classic game Blockhead, Tower of Babble adds a cooperative twist that rewards collaboration among team members.

Castle Builder
Ever work on a team where you couldn't see eye to eye? In this game, you take on the role of a designer or a builder. The design team lays out the floorplan for a castle. The build team is charged with implementing that design. The twist? Only the designers know the design, and only the builders can move the huge castle pieces to make the build happen. This means the only way the castle can be completed is for both sides to communicate, cooperate, and make adjustments along the way.

All our games are situated in a community context, which provides a place for distributed teams to develop bonds outside of gameplay. The space includes a clubhouse for each team, stores with furnishings for those clubhouses, a town square, a cafe, and more. In addition, the community features scoreboards featuring the top scores for every game. The literature shows that teams gel particularly well when faced with an external threat and seeing that another team just beat your high score is just that kind of threat.

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