Biometrics - Fingerprint SDK

The IBM Fingerprint SDK is independent of the actual sensor used. It can process images from optical, electrostatic, thermal, and ultrasonic livescan sensors. The advantage of the SDK is that it provides thoroughly debugged and optimized basic functions for:
  • image quality assessment (finger presence
  • minutia feature extraction
  • feature compression and decompression
  • feature matching
To complete a full application the designer need only supply a few items. Due to the diversity of sensors that can be accommodated, programs built from the SDK will have to use vendor-provided device drivers for initial image acquisition. Yet to ease integration the SDK does support BMP image format for interchange. Similarly, common infrastructure elements such as file encryption, database interface calls, and password management are presumed to be supplied by the operating environment.
    Why use IBM's Fingerprint SDK? The SDK was "home grown" in the Research Division which means the system (and the developers) are readily accessible. Furthermore, the source code is available for closer integration, porting, or additional performance tuning, and can be easily extend to incorporate new functionalities. And, while the system is already extremely accurate, a best-of-breed system, we are continuing our research and constantly improving its performance.

      Contact: Nalini Ratha