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Metronome - Software

WebSphere Real Time (Product) is the Java virtual machine and development kit that includes our Metronome Real-time Garbage Collection technology. It is available as a fully supported product from IBM, running on top of a real-time version of Linux.


Real-time Linux (Open Source Download) is the version of Linux developed by the IBM Linux Technology Center for the real-time Java virtual machine. It is designed to run on IBM LS20 blades, Intellistation A Pro workstations, and e325/e326 servers.


Expedited Real-time Threads (alphaWorks Download) provide even lower latency than real-time garbage collection, on the order of several microseconds for a context switch and sustaining periods of up to 50 KHz. Support for XRTs is built into the WebSphere Real Time product; you will need this in conjunction with the alphaWorks XRT package.


TuningFork (alphaWorks Download) is a system for real-time visualization and analysis. It can be used to simultaneously view event information on time scales from nanoseconds to minutes. TuningFork is a general real-time analysis tool, and you can generate traces from user-level Java code. If you have the WebSphere real-time product, it also generates TuningFork event traces, allowing vertical analysis of application and JVM activity.

In addition, the trace format is self-describing, so you can generate your own TuningFork traces from other sources, and use the powerful visualizations. Visualizations are also plug-ins, so new views can be created.