The DeepQA Research Team - Research Mission

Structured data – columns and rows in databases, spreadsheets and tables – is easy for a computer to query, tabulate and analyze. It provides tremendous value for many businesses but it is literally just the tip of the iceberg.

The knowledge captured in human communication – natural language text, people's questions, documents, reference books, scientific papers, news, speech and images represent the vast majority of the world’s knowledge and it is growing at incredible rates. It is here in these billions of pages where new discoveries, critical insights, essential knowledge and important answers are buried. This information was not encoded and structured for computers. Rather it is unstructured — just the way humans created it to communicate with each other, not with machines. And yet this is where all the value lies.

The amount of unstructured content available in the world has rapidly grown to the point where it is now impossible to efficiently find, evaluate, and leverage all of the knowledge buried in that content. Yet leveraging that knowledge to help make critical decisions is exactly what humans need to do.

Our mission is to build intelligent computer systems capable of deeply analyzing all this content, better understanding people’s questions and information needs, and bringing people the answers they need to do their jobs and live their lives.