The DeepQA Research Team - Media

IBM Watson (Website)

Vote for who will win the IBM Jeopardy! Challenge. Watch videos and learn a little more about the team.

Nova's Smartest Machine on Earth (53 min. video)

The PBS science program documents the Watson project and sets up the IBM Jeopardy! Challenge.

What Is I.B.M.’s Watson? (NY Times Article)

A part of the series "Smarter Than You Think" that examines recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics and their potential impact on society.

How Watson Works (21 min. video)

Dr. David Ferrucci, Principal Investigator for the Watson project, provides background on IBM DeepQA architecture. Dr. Ferrucci explains why he and his team have chosen to undertake this momentous challenge – from his interest in teaching a computer to understand natural language to the potential impact this technology could have on different industries.

What Is Artificial Intelligence? (NY Times Article)

Richard Powers gives his take on Watson and the crucial role it will play in harnessing the information explosion we are experiencing.