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IBM is working with academics, industry leaders, and governments around the world to establish a new academic discipline known as Services Sciences, Management and Engineering (SSME). Seeking to address the need for more systematic approaches to service innovation, SSME also draws heavily on traditional computer science in disciplines ranging from AI and HCI to programming methodologies and theory of computation. Systematic approaches to service innovation are important to governments (GDP growth depends on it), businesses (revenue and profit growth increasingly depend on it), and academics (both for challenging multidisciplinary research problems relevant to societal and business needs, as well as for preparing students for future careers). SSME deals with the multidisciplinary study of service system design and evolution, in which clients and providers co-produce value via work sharing, risk sharing, information sharing, and decision sharing configurations of people, technology, and organizations. Topics in the design of fault-tolerant, distributed computing systems that can be generalized to reliable socio-technical system design are especially relevant. Business Performance Transformation Services (BPTS) is an area of special interest, as business strategy often needs to change at faster speeds than underlying legacy technology implementations can today. IBM is collaborating with universities to establish IT and business services-oriented curricula, degree programs, and research agendas, and also augmenting this initiative through such university programs as Ph.D. fellowships and faculty awards. SSME efforts seek to establish the empirical, analytical, engineering, theoretical, and design frameworks that will underlie this emerging academic discipline and related profession