Measurement and Management Technologies for Data Centers - Measurement and Sensing

MMT fuses data from different sources. The role of external (or MMT-) sensors lies in the complementation and calibration of any existing monitoring systems. MMT measures temperature, air flow, pressure, power, current and corrosion levels. Specifically, we leverage both real-time sensor networks as well as an earlier developed MMT scanning tool, which yields a very high resolution heat distribution and thermal assessment. MMT-sensors are equipment-type agnostic, which makes this technology broadly available. Wired and wireless sensor solutions from different vendors are supported as well as the Low-Power Mote Technology, a novel wireless sensing platform. MMT utilizes a series of adapters which can communicate with facility monitoring systems using common interfaces (SNMP, SOAP, BACNet, OPC). IT-bound (or IT internal) sensor data is obtained using standard interfaces or other software such as IBM’s active energy manager or Tivoli’s monitoring tools.


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