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Low-Power Mote Technology

Wireless sensor platform with long lifetime. Based on modular technology that can be adapted to different applications.

Mote---full assembly

Variety of Sensitive Sensors

Ultra sensitive sensor development for strain sensing in wood object of arts and gaseous contamination sensing. Sensors are integrated in Low Power Mote Technology and Measurement and Management Technology (MMT) for real time visualization of environmental impact and predictive modeling.

Corrosion Sensor Device

ACU Controller Interface Module

Controller designed to interface with the MMT Client that allows for remote activation or disabling of an Air Conditioning Unit (ACU) or Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC).

MMT Platform

The tasks involved with the Measurement and Management Technology (MMT) require collecting, organizing, analyzing and visualizing large amounts of data. The MMT Software is an integrated modeling environment (IME) primarily focused on providing a coherent infrastructure to develop and deliver physical analytics.

Corrosion Sensor Device

News and Events

Deployment of IBM LMT at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC