Data Analytics Research       


Data Analytics Research - Mission

Our mission is to develop effective tools and techniques for enabling a wide variety of knowledge discovery and data mining based applications and solutions. We aim to achieve this by

  • Developing scalable and automated machine learning and statistical modeling based data mining techniques for extracting actionable insights from data.
  • Enabling data mining within large-scale data and computing infrastructure environments.
  • Engaging in consulting and services to drive our research agenda for developing novel predictive modeling solutions for data-rich problems in business and industry, and to have data mining impact business and industry problem-solving in new and unique ways.

Our current activities include:
  • Basic Research: Cost-Sensitive Learning, Active Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Regularization methods for statistical modeling.
  • Systems Research: Developing highly scalable and fully automated predictive modeling capabilities as database extenders and enabling predictive modeling for grid computing enviroments.
  • Solutions and Services: Secure Federated Mining for Fraud Detection, Analytics for Market Intelligence and Competitive Insights, Clinical Data Mining, Demand Forecasting, Opportunity Targetting Analytics, Call Center Operational Modeling, Pricing Analytics, etc.