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Secure Cryptographic Coprocessor - Publications

Criteria: the paper has to pertain to secure coprocessing, and at least one author has to have had an affiliation with the Watson team (although not necessarily when the paper was published). Listed in chronological order. Corrections and additions are welcome!

  • Dyer, J.G., Lindemann, M., Perez, R., Sailer, R., Smith, S.W., van Doorn, L., Weingart, S..
    The IBM Secure Coprocessor: Overview and Retrospective.
    IEEE Computer, October 2001,pp. 57-66. (Paper - Draft version PDF)
  • S.W. Smith.
    Secure Coprocessing Applications and Research Issues.

    Los Alamos Unclassified Release LA-UR-96-2805. Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1996.
    (What a high-performance secure coprocessor might enable.)
  • H. Gobioff, S.W. Smith, J.D. Tygar, B.S. Yee.
    Smart Cards in Hostile Environments.
    2nd USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce.1996.
  • B.S. Yee and J.D. Tygar.
    Secure Coprocessors in Electronic Commerce Applications.
    1st USENIX Workshop on Electronic Commerce.July 1995.
  • S.W. Smith.
    Secure Distributed Time for Secure Distributed Protocols.
    (Ph.D. Thesis.) Computer Science Technical Report CMU-CS-94-177. Carnegie Mellon University. September 1994.
  • B.S. Yee.
    Using Secure Coprocessors.
    (Ph.D. Thesis.) Computer Science Technical Report CMU-CS-94-149. Carnegie Mellon University. May 1994.
  • J.D. Tygar, B.S. Yee.
    Cryptography: It's Not Just for Electronic Mail Anymore.
    Computer Science Technical Report CMU-CS-93-107. Carnegie Mellon University, 1993.
  • J.D. Tygar and B.S. Yee.
    Dyad: A System for Using Physically Secure Coprocessors.
    Harvard-MIT Workshop on Protection of Intellectual Property.April 1993.
  • E.R. Palmer.
    An Introduction to Citadel---A Secure Crypto Coprocessor for Workstations.
    Research Report RC 18373, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, 1992.
  • S.R. White, S.H. Weingart, W.C Arnold, E.R. Palmer.
    Introduction to the Citadel Architecture: Security in Physically Exposed Environments.
    Research Report RC 16672, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, 1991.
  • S.H. Weingart, S.R. White, W.C. Arnold, G.P. Double.
    An Evaluation System for the Physical Security of Computing Systems.
    6th Computer Security Applications Conference. 1990.
  • S.R. White and L. Comerford.
    ABYSS: A Trusted Architecture for Software Protection.
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  • S.H. Weingart.
    Physical Security for the microABYSS System.
    IEEE Security and Privacy. Oakland, 1987.