MET - Trace Tools

The MET includes a set of tools designed to examine instruction execution traces for consistency, check for illegal instructions, malformed instructions, address alignment, branch target consistency, branch target alignment, and size of variable-length transfers. Other features of these support tools include printing the assembly representation of the instructions from the trace, generate traces (using Aria) and save them on disk, and so on.

See the Publications and Presentations for further information regarding the trace tools.

Tools in MET

The MET includes:

  • Aria, an execution-simulation library
  • Turandot, a parameterized processor model
  • Rondo, a branch prediction exploration tool
  • LeProf, a profiling and cache analysis tool
  • eOak, a system-level PowerPC 403GCX simulator
  • PavaRotti, a collection of tools for performance analysis and validation.
  • Trace tools for various trace formats.

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