MET - Presentations

"Validation of Turandot, a Fast Processor Model for Microarchitecture Exploration," IEEE Int'l Performance, Computing and Communication Conference, February 1999.

"An Approach for Quantifying the Impact of not Simulating Mispredicted Paths," Workshop on Performance Analysis and its Impact on Design (PAID), Barcelona, Spain, 1998.

"Trace-driven performance exploration of a PowerPC 601 OLTP workload on wide superscalar processors," First Workshop on Computer Architecture Evaluation using Commercial Workloads, January 1998.

"Exploring potential performance of wide PowerPC-based superscalar processors," Electrical Engineering Department, University of California at Irvine, October 1997.

Tools in MET

The MET includes:

  • Aria, an execution-simulation library
  • Turandot, a parameterized processor model
  • Rondo, a branch prediction exploration tool
  • LeProf, a profiling and cache analysis tool
  • eOak, a system-level PowerPC 403GCX simulator
  • PavaRotti, a collection of tools for performance analysis and validation.
  • Trace tools for various trace formats.

PowerPC 7xx Chips