Dielectric Materials Research for Advanced Microelectronic Devices - Resources

TA Hi-Res Thermogravimetric Analyzer Model 2950
TA Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer Model 2980
TA Q Series 2000 Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TA AR 2000EX Rheometer
FDS Dynamic Contact Angle System OCA
Romulus IV Universal Materials Tester (Stud-Pull module)
Filmetrics Mapping reflectometer, Model F50
Filmetric reflectometer, Model F20
Spectral ellipsometer
Veeco profilometer
Panalytical XPert Pro MRD x-ray spectrometer
Custom stress analyzer
Custom capacitance analyzer (MIS multi-electrode and variable temperature)
S3 Hot Plate - 200 mm capacity, inert atmosphere.
Brewer Science Cee200 spin coater
Headway Resarch, Inc. - 2.5 - 200 mm spin coater, model PWM32
Metricon 2000 prism coupler
Micromeritics porosimeter, Model ASAP2020
Olympus digital microscope
Fraunhofer surface acoustic wave spectrometer (LAWAVE)
Zeiss Microscope with microindenter attachment
Thermo Nicolet 670 FT-IR
Thermo Nicolet FT-Raman Module
Bruker Avance 500 Solid State NMR spectrometer (C,Si)
Bruker Avance 400 Solution NMR spectrometer with automated sample changer (H, C, Si, F)
Wyatt Technology DAWN EOS Static Light Scattering Analyzer
Wyatt Technology WYATTQELS Dynamic Light Scattering Analyzer
Wyatt Technology Optilab differential refractometer
Waters SEC (3 dedicated solvent systems) w/ R.I. & UV detectors
Yield Engineering YES-1224 chemical vapor deposition oven
Yield Engineering YES-8-450PB curing oven
3-Hot Plate High Temp Curing Station with ramp/soak temp. controllers
SAMCO High Temperature UV/Ozone Stripper, Model UV-300H