Smarter Urban Dynamics - Dynamic Intermodal journey Advisor

The Dynamic Intermodal Journey Advisor (DIJA) is a platform for intermodal planning, consisting in a framework for real-time predictive analytics on urban transportation, and a core planning engine, developed at IBM Research in Dublin, working on intermodal networks, taking into account the various sources of uncertainties that can be part of the network processes. For example, the arrival times of the buses at stops are uncertain, as well as the walking time to get there, together with the ability (or will) to execute the entire plan. A user, for example, may forget or not be able to get off the bus at a specific stop, making the rest of the plan invalid.

Although we envision the planning engine to be used in intermodal transit networks, the algorithm can be tuned and customized to solve problems such as path finding, freight management, tourist activity planning, and so on.

The main challenges addressed in this project include planning under uncertainty, multi-modal planning, efficient re-planning strategies, and intermodal networks analytics and predictions.

The above picture depicts an example of uncertain transport scenario.
The picture below shows a simple user interface for querying DIJA.