IBM Research - Almaden Science Colloquium Series - Magnetism

Almaden researchers have a long history of ground-breaking research in the field of magnetism, magnetic materials and devices. For many years magnetic disk storage was the end focus of that research; today, we are exploring the new frontiers of nanomagnetism, spintronics and magnetoelectronics, as well as magnetic storage technology.

Our research continues on high-density magnetic tape storage, as we move forward with new research into harnessing magnetism and spin-related phenomena into completely new varieties of solid-state storage-class memory technology.

Magnetic Storage research at Almaden spans advanced work on conventional tape based storage to very futuristic concepts that rely on domain wall movement to store tens of bits at a single storage location. The tape research is on an aggressive path to dramatically improve areal density of magnetic tape and the team demonstrated a world record density equivalent to an 8TB cartridge. As a comparison, IBM announced the availability of 800GB cartridges on Apr 24th, 2007.

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Link to Magnetic Tape Storage
Magnetic Tape Storage

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Storage-Class Magnetic Memory

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Almaden Tape Laboratory


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