Software Development Governance - ANDES Predicting the Likelihood of On-Time Delivery

Will Your Product Ship On Time? What’s Gone Wrong? How Do You Fix It?

ANDES is analytic solution for detecting and remediating threats to on-time delivery of agile projects. Development is fraught with risk, and even the most successful teams encounter problems along the way—unexpectedly difficult features, unavailable resources, etc. It is critical to understand the likelihood of on-time delivery and threats to it as early as possible, to enable successful remediation.

ANDES provides early, actionable insight into issues that are putting on-time delivery at risk by:

  • Surfacing the evolving likelihood of on-time product delivery and amount of risk remaining.
  • Diagnosing common development issues that are adversely affecting the likelihood of on-time delivery using patterns in development data.
  • Providing actionable insight into what caused the issues, and next steps to take towards resolution.
  • Enabling “what-if” analysis to explore the most likely outcomes of different solutions to issues.

Software Development Governance at IBM Research

ANDES is a research prototype that is under active development as part of a joint IBM Research-Rational effort.

You can find details about how ANDES works in this White Paper