Software Development Governance - Financier: Assessing the Value of an Incomplete Software Project

Software can create enormous value for businesses, but software projects also represent significant financial investment and risk. To succeed, software organizations must create value efficiently (deliver more value than the costs they generate) and manage risks effectively. It is easy to understand a project's value once it has shipped and starts generating revenues, but to make sound investment decisions, an organization must assess how much value a project will deliver before it has shipped and understand how likely a project is to deliver its predicted value.

Software Development Governance at IBM Research

Our Approach

Financier is a tool that offers key insights into how much value an incomplete project is likely to provide over time, the odds that a project will deliver its predicted value, and the risks to that value. Financier offers three novel capabilities:


Project managers can better understand the potential value and risks of their projects and take action to manage the risks to the project.

Program managers can evaluate the relative value of multiple projects and the risks they pose, helping them make better investment decisions for the organization.

A commercial version of Financier is available as Investment Analyst in Rational FocalPoint (6.5 and higher)