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Service Infrastructure

Unified Cloud Management

Recently, there are becoming popular to make use of several heterogeneous private/public cloud sites at a time, and it is annoyed to handle each cloud sites with each different management manner. We aim at providing unified cloud management across heterogeneous cloud sites by absorbing cloud management differences and virtually integrating their cloud management platforms.

IBM Management System of Infrastructure as a Service for IT & Sensors

The purpose of the project is to enable the enhanced cloud computing system that manages sensor devices as a part of IT resource in the same way as CPU, storages, and networks to provide the sensor devices as an infrastructure for users. This infrastructure software includes the same three key features as the cloud computing; 1)Virtualization: Multiple users can share the sensor devices. 2) Automation: The system configures the sensor devices and software instead of the users. 3) Standardization: VM template has not only software and also the sensor devices. Users can utilize the sensor devices easily and rapidly in this cloud computing environment as well as IT resources.


Service Infrastructure Deployment Automation and Optimization

We study methods (1) to automate IT infrastructure deployment tasks and (2) to design and execute workflows that employ a number of subjects such as offshore members to provide service infrastructure equipments with less cost and delivery period.

Cloud Infrastructure Environment for Analytics of Big Life Log Data

Recently, Big Life Log Data can be acquired from many widespread popular devices such as Smart Phone. In this research, we pursue efficient technology how to process and analyze such Big Life Log Data.