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Our team and department is hiring and looks for great minds with strong background in security, malware analysis, big data analytics, data mining, AI, and/or machine learning!  Please contact Jiyong Jang.


The CSI team is looking for excellent PhD graduates (recent graduates and PhD students graduating within the next 12 months), software engineers (BSc and MSc graduates), and summer interns with background and interests in the domains of network security, cyber security, security and malware analysis, or ethical hacking. Background in machine learning and/or data mining are welcome. Ideal candidates have a good publication history and strong interests in prototyping and evaluating their innovations in real-world environments.

We are also looking for full-time software engineers with experience in building large systems, software design, and broad knowledge of programming languages including C, Python, Java, Java-Script. Experience with cloud platforms, big data programming platforms as well as data visualization are highly appreciated.

The IBM T. J. Watson Research Center offers a highly competitive working and research environment, where scientists and engineers gain valuable experience in identifying and tackling hard problems that matter to the world. IBM Research offers an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with researchers world-wide on challenging problems. More information about IBM Research can be obtained here: IBM Research.

Candidates for Research Staff Member or Post-Doc positions should be able to define new research directions, drive a project from exploratory thinking to the development of a practical solution or service, and have impact across our company or the entire industry. They should have a proven record of innovation and publication as well as proven communication skills in both technical and customer situations.

Candidates for Software Engineer positions should have strong systems building and coding skills and background and interest in security. They should have experience with a variety of state-of-the-art data storage, analytics frameworks, and development practices and preferably have experience in one or more of the following areas: low-level programming, big data computing platforms, cloud service platforms, middleware platforms, security tools, UI/UX development, and systems management.

Candidates for summer internships should be enrolled in a M.S. or PhD in Computer Science or related field, with their thesis work in some field of Computer Security or Privacy. Interns will work closely with one or more of the team members and are expected to present their internship results in peer-reviewed conferences.


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