Software Development Governance - Tempo: Managing the Risk Associated with Project Schedules

Many projects today deliver their products late, or with less functionality and lower quality than planned because the project took longer than anticipated. This happens because we don’t really understand how much uncertainty and variability project tasks entail. For example, when someone estimates that a task will take two days, s/he may be very sure, or hope it will be two days but fear that it might take a lot longer. If it turns out that the person is wrong, the project may never recover from the resulting schedule slippage and missed deadlines.

Our Approach

Tempo computes the probability that a team will finish the currently known workload of tasks on time. The Tempo tool set offers three unique capabilities to express uncertainty and identify risk factors:


Tempo lets developers estimate their work more realistically and with more confidence, which benefits the project and the team. Project managers can use information about the variance on task completion time and the estimations associated with alternative schedules to manage the project's risk factors.

A commercial version of Tempo has been integrated with Rational Team Concert.