IBM Research India - Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Reasoning - Projects

We are working on a number of exciting projects. Some of the major ones are as follows:

IT Operation Analytics (ITOA)

Automated problem diagnostics in the IT business processes has recently received a lot of attention and is proving to  be a key  differentiator of big service vendors. Applications, servers, middlewares, processes and service agents generate large chunks of  machine and  human data which can be exploited for problem determination. In this perspective Unity comprises of two important aspects of operational data analytics: Log Analytics and Ticket Analytics.  (Know more)


Graph Platforms and Analytics

In Graph platforms the research effort is focused on mainly 2 areas viz. Temporal Graphs which handle temporally-changing data and maintains provenance and audit trails; and Conversion tools which ports data in traditional format to graphbased stores.

Graph Analytics aims to develop large scale graph algorithms for contextual recommendations, entity resolution, graph visualization etc. (Know More


Data Curation and Insight Generation

The data curation effort revolves around developing and delivering solutions for business usecases. We are actively working on customer problems around Social Media Analytics for large event monitoring. (Know More)



A Big Data Platform for Analytics on Spatio-Temporal Data (Link)



Big Data Entity Relationships (Link)