Industrial Cloud Technologies Group
IBM Research Brazil - Team

Here is the list of our group members and their respective skills:


Alecio Binotto:
Co-processors, HPC, Scientific Computing, Computer Networks

Bruno Silva:
Distributed Systems, Performance Modeling, Availability Analysis

Eduardo Rocha Rodrigues:
HPC, Load Balancing, Physical Driven Problems

Lucas Villa Real:
Large Scale File Systems, Operating Systems, HPC

Marco A. S. Netto:
Cloud Computing, Resource Management, Scheduling

Percival Lucena:
Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems

Renan Souza:
Data Management, Scientific Workflows, HPC

Renato L. F. Cunha:
Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Security, Artificial Intelligence

Bruno Estima C. M. C. de Souza:
Web Developer 


Contact information for all group members can be found on our personal websites following the links on the left.