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Multimedia (discontinued) - New York City 360

IBM Grand Challenge 2014: New York City 360

The explosion of social media provides the possibility of observing and understanding a distant city. In the past, people can only obtain a rough impression by hearing from friends, reading books or newspapers, or watching TV. We expect that the flourish of social media will bring a revolutionary change. Images and videos in social media are allowing high resolution capture of daily life in cities. Further comments and discussions about the images and videos reflect different perspectives and opinions, which enhance the impressions about the cities.

To motivate new research in this direction, we call for the first attempt of thoroughly exploring a city from social media. We choose New York City as the first target because of the potential richness in social media about NYC. It is estimated that there are 633 million photos taken per year in NYC alone. The participants are encouraged to explore images and videos in social media that capture life in NYC. We call this challenge “New York City 360o” as the goal is to describe the city from diverse perspectives.

The topics of this grand challenge include but are not limited to:

  • Discovering and describing different foods
  • Identifying fashion trends
  • Finding interesting stories of daily life
  • Describing major public activities and events
  • Following local sports and fan activities
  • Gaining insights into political issues and opinions
  • Capturing different art, music, entertainment and cultural activities


The participants are encouraged to explore images and videos from social media that reflect life in NYC.


Please submit a four page paper with potential links of your system or supplement materials to ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge 2014.
Deadline: June 29, 2013

Accepted submissions will be published in the conference proceedings, and will be presented in a special event during the ACM Multimedia 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida, USA. At the conference, finalists will be requested to introduce their solutions, give a quick demo, and take questions from the judges and the audience.


Winners of our Challenge will be selected for a Multimedia Grand Challenge Award from ACM Multimedia.

If the winning submission matches to the theme of 2015 Great New York Area Multimedia and Vision Meeting, IBM Research will sponsor a speaker and a trip to New York City to present the work.

Evaluation metric

Organizers will choose winning systems based on:

  • Quality of demonstration
  • Interestingness
  • Technical contribution
  • Scalability


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  • Yuan-Chi Chang (
  • Liangliang Cao (