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Consumer Modeling - News

January-February 2014

Behavioral pricing was showcased at NRF (National Retail Federation) as one of two assets selected from IBM Research

Behavioral pricing was announced as one of the three key data-driven capabilities for the global consulting practice, IBM Interactive Experience. 50+ media reposts include WSJ, CNN, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, ABC, CBS, NBC.

Nan Shao gave a keynote presentation on Culinary Computational Creativity at Food Innovation Center at the Ohio State University

Skillsoft announced a multi-phase joint development agreement with IBM Research (Anshul Sheopuri, Wesley Gifford, Ashish Jagmohan, Yi-Min Chee) to leverage the power of big data in enterprise learning. A press release is available here.

March-April 2014

Pavan Murali presented Cognitive Cooking at the IBM Pulse Conference in Las Vegas, NV. You can read more about it in Pavan's IBM Research Blog article. IBM brought the Watson Food Truck to Pulse and SXSW, as part of efforts to introduce cognitive computing to a general audience, as well as demonstrate the scope of cognitive computing systems by exploring a machine's ability to be creative. The campaign generated extensive media coverage and social buzz, including a segment on national TV with NBC Nightly News. More than 265 media stories have been published and socially, more than 5,000 Twitter mentions resulted in 40.3 million impressions of the food truck during SXSW.

Wei Sun was featured as "Faces of IBM Interactive Experience".

Anshul Sheopuri, Wesley Gifford and Ashish Jagmohan recognized with a Corporate Technical Award for Talent Management Analytics, the highest technical award offered by IBM

Skillsoft revealed a new customer engagement solution as part of its multi-phase joint development effort with IBM Research (Anshul Sheopuri, Wesley Gifford, Ashish Jagmohan, Yi-Min Chee). The solution was unveiled to 575 organizations from 30+ countries at the 2014 Global Skillsoft Perspectives conference and features advanced machine learning algorithms built on consumption data from 20 million Skillsoft users. A press release describing the innovation was reposted at Wall Street Journal, and a video demonstration was recently made available on YouTube.

Coming Up

June 2014: Our paper based on patented bundle pricing models was accepted and will be presented at ICML 2014 (International Conference on Machine Learning). [pdf]

June 2014: Ying Li to serve as the Industry & Application Track Co-Chair for SCC 2014 conference

July 2014: Ying Li to serve as Finance Chair for ICME 2014 conference

Note: Several team members hold continuing service positions, such as Editorial Board membership of JVCI (Ying Li, 2007-Present), Editorial Board membership of IJMR (Ying Li, 2011-Present), Editor position for IEEE Communications Letters (Wesley Gifford, 2013-present), University Advisory Council for Business Analytics program, Indian School of Business (Anshul Sheopuri, 2013-present)