Next Generation Mobile System - Linux Watch

Linux Watch

 Linux Watch enhanced shell with Bluetooth
(Size: 56mm x 48mm x 12.25mm Weight: 44g 96 x 120 LCD display)


Linux Watch is designed to communicate wirelessly with PCs, cell phones and other wireless-enabled devices using Bluetooth. It has a touch panel and a roller wheel as user interfaces. It also has small microphone and speaker in it. At present it might not be possible for have a voice capability by itself due to its tiny CPU power. But in combination with a powerful host system, it can acquire voice capabilities by simply sending and receiving digitized voice data to and from the host system using the Bluetooth communication.
Changing the internal battery and exchanging data with PC can be done via a cradle.

We have demonstrated some watch applications using Bluetooth as a front-end user interface device of PCs and servers at the conference and the Expo all over the world, e.g. controlling the PC presentation using Freelance and PowerPoint and the server applications like Interacted Ad-Board and Transcoding from the watch.

System specifications


Watch size 56mm x 48mm x 12mm
Weight 44g
CPU Low power 32-bit CPU (18-74 MHz)
I/O device Touch panel, Roller wheel
Display 96x120dots B/W STN LCD/VGA OLED
Memory DRAM 8MB, Flash 8MB
Communication Bluetooth (V1.0Bw/voice), IrDA (V1.2), UART (Cradle)
Power Li-Polymer rechargeable
Other Speaker, Mic, Buzzer, Tilt sensor
Cradle Charger, RS232C, AC-adapter
OS Linux version 2.2
Bluetooth stack IBM BlueDraker (L2CAP,SDP,RFCOMM)


OLED版 Linux Watch basic shell with OLED display

The OLED display is capable of rendering very high resolution images with a pixel density of 740 pixels per inch, in a VGA 640 by 480 format. In addition to text and graphic images, pictures containing gray scale images may also be shown using dot density methods producing photographic like images.