Next Generation Mobile System - WatchPad 1.5 Bluetooth applications

WatchPad 1.5 Bluetooth applications


WatchPad can be used not only as a stand-along PDA device but also as a secured wireless front-end user interface device for the adjunct devices such as mobile computers, cellular phones, and other pervasive devices being carried with you using its fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth communications.

The following shows some expecting WatchPad usage of the Bluetooth applications with PCs for the time being.

Security device  - PC password replacement by the fingerprint security feature
Pointing device  - ThinkPad presentation(Freelance or PowerPoint) control
Trigger device  - Automatic event control by approaching or leaving the place
Viewer device  - Check PIM data and e-mail in ThinkPad without opening the lid
In / out device  - Input by text/speech, voice output, and warning by vibration

In the future when we have a lot of "Hot spots" (Bluetooth access point), the following applications can be achieved as well.

WatchPad as a personal identification

  • Automated check-in at hotel, air port, hospital, and etc.
  • Cashless shopping and dining
  • Specify your preference like seat position and types of meal in the aircraft
  • Automatic adjustment of seat and mirror of the rent-a-car

WatchPad for location-based service 


  • Provide the time table at the train/bus station and the flight information at the airport and the traveler's information at the hotel on the watch face or the display device nearby.
  • Provide personalized advertisement and offering information at the restaurant and the shopping
  • Keep accurate local time anywhere in the world