Workshop on WALA (WoW) 2015 at PLDI and FCRC - Submissions

Submit to WoW 2015

We encourage anyone working with WALA to consider presenting their work at Wow.  We are especially looking for work using WALA that would likely be of interest to the wider community, such as implementing new language or system support, new analysis functionality or generally useful utilities.  We will consider submissions as they are received, subject to the PLDI requirement that the final program be disseminated by April 18.  If you would like to present at WoW, please provide the following information using the form below:

  • The name of the presenter.

    If multiple people from a group would like to present related projects, please submit multiple proposals, one for each project.  Similarly, if one person would like to present multiple projects, please submit multiple proposls.

  • The project name.

    The name of the project you would like to present.  If you are presenting a subproject within a larger group, please use the name of the subproject.

  • Time.

    Please specify a length of time between 15 and 30 minutes that you would prefer for your presentation; we will attempt to fit presentations as best we can.

  • Project URL.

    Please provide the most specific project page that describes your project.

  • Project code location.

    If your project is open source, please provide a link to access the code.  Since the purpose of this workshop is to facilitate interaction amongst WALA users, we strongly prefer open source projects.  If you plan to make your project open source but have not yet done so, please tell us that here.

  • Abstract.

    A brief abstract of what you would like to present.