Linux Watch - Watchpad 1.5

Citizen Watch and IBM Research Collaboration - 2001


  • Size  - 65mm x 46mm x 16mm
  • Weight - 43g (w/o band)
  • CPU  - ARM7 CPU(18-74MHz)
  • Input Devices - Touch Panel, Stem Switch (crown), 3 Buttons
  • Display - 320x240 STN Monochrome-LCD
  • Memory  - 8MB DRAM, 16MB Flash
  • Communication - Bluetooth, IrDA, Serial (Cradle)
  • Other Devices - Speaker, Mic, Vibrator, Fingerprint sensor,  Two-axis Accelerometer
  • Battery -  1Whr Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Other - Water resistant (splashes/rain)

Compared to the original LCD watch, an accelerometer, vibrating mechanism, and fingerprint sensor have been added.

Here is a video clip



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