SystemT - Educators

SystemT is available to teachers and students under an academic license.

Interested in using SystemT for academic research, or teaching a class on Information Extraction?

Contact us! Yunyao Li (yunyaoli {at} us{.}ibm{.}com)


A full senior undergraduate/graduate-level course on information extraction and SystemT is now available online here: [Text Analytics with SystemT]

The class has been adapted and taught in several universities at the graduate level:

Lectures on SystemT and the SystemT tutorial have also been used in existing courses:



  • Shimei Pan, May 2016: "The Information Extraction with SystemT class, which was offered for the first time at UMBC, has been a wonderful experience for me and my students.  I really enjoyed teaching this course. Students were also very enthusiastic. Based on the feedback from my students, they have learned a lot. Some of my students even want me to offer this class every semester." 
  • Alon Halevy, November 2015: "The tutorial of System T was an important hands-on component of a Ph.D course on Structured Data on the Web at the University of Aalborg in Denmark taught by Alon Halevy. The tutorial did a great job giving the students the feeling for the challenges involved in extracting structured data from text."























2013 - IBM Research Outstanding Technical Accomplishment Award

2008, 2010, 2013 - IBM Research A-Level Accomplishment Award

Recent News


Hosted Stanford professor Mark Musen's visit to IBM Research - Almaden


Industry track paper on the design and implementation of SystemT is accepted at NAACL-HLT 2018 Industry Track (the very first industry track at a major NLP conference).


Hosted Univ. of Washington professor Luke Zettlemoyer's visit to IBM Research - Almaden


Yunyao is co-chairing the very first NAACL-HLT Industry Track


Demo paper on Creating and Interacting with Large-Scale Domain-Specific Knowledge Bases is presented at VLDB 2017 [video] [poster]


Research paper on Distant Meta-Path Similarities for Text-Based Heterogeneous Information Networks is accepted at CIKM 2017


Research paper on Crowd-in-the-loop: A Hybrid Approach for Annotating Semantic Roles is accepted at EMNLP 2017


Hosted Stanford professor Dan Jurafsky's visit to IBM Research - Almaden


Research paper on Hardware Compilation Framework for Text Analytics Queries is accepted to Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC)


SEER, a system on learning extractors from examples, presented at CHI and SIGMOD 2017 [video] [paper]


Workshop paper on understanding relationships in the financial domain presented at DSMM 2017 [paper]


Talk on Crosslingual Text Analytics at the Natural Language and Dialog Systems Lab, UC Santa Cruz


Demo paper on creating and interacting with large-scale knowledge bases is accepted in VLDB 2017


Research paper on Active Learning for Black-box Semantic Role Labeling is accepted at IJCAI 2017


Lecture on SystemT at NYU Abu Dhabi in February 2017


Talk on Declarative Information Extraction and Multilingual SRL at the Stanford Logic Seminar.