Health Informatics - IBM Precision Medicine and Wellness Day 2015

IBM Precision Medicine and Wellness Day (Oct 26, 2015)


On Monday October 26th, we are sponsoring an exciting "IBM Precision Medicine and Wellness Day", featuring seminars and posterson the theme of technology revolutionizing the treatment of disease and improving personal health.

Co-sponsored by Health Informatics PIC, Multimedia PIC, Computational Biology PIC, and World Wide Research Strategy and Operation Group.  

Twitter hashtag: #IBMPMWDAY15 (Twit your questions to the speakers, presenters of demos/posters, or twit your IN-MOMENT pictures here!)  

Download Agenda here

External guest speakers include:
    - Professor Zak Kohane from Harvard Medical School
    - Dr. Joel Dudley from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
    - Dr. Ying-Kuen Ken Cheung from Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
As well as IBM Researchers:
           - Ajay Royyuru, PhD, Director, Computational Biology Center
           - Jianying Hu, PhD,Distinguished Research Staff Member,Senior Manager, Health Informatics Research
           - Joe Jasinski, Distinguished Engineer and Global Industry Executive, Smarter Healthcare and Life Sciences
           - Laxmi Parida, PhD,Principal RSM & Manager, Computational Genomics,  IBM Research
           - Michal Rosen-Zvi, PhD, STSM, Director, Healthcare Informatics, IBM Research

Poster Line-up (with the order of registering in the wiki):


1. CMOS Compatible Biosensors for Healthcare     (Sufi Zafar, NAN0SCALE Materials and Devices, IBM Research-Watson)


2. Precision Medicine on Cancer Treatment: A Joint Matrix Factorization Approach  (Ping Zhang, Filippo Utro, Fei Wang, Jianying Hu, Healthcare Informatics Research, IBM Research-Watson)


3. Automated Skin Image Analysis and Recognition of Melanoma    (Noel C. F. Codella, IBM Research-Watson )


4. Fusing imaging, text and genetics data for Personalized Prediction, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of Melanoma (Simon Wail, Multimedia Analytics & Healthcare, IBM Research - Australia)


5.  Boundary Negotiating Artifacts in Personal Informatics: Patient-Provider Collaboration with Patient-Generated Data      (Christina Chung, University of Washington, currently at Healthcare informatics Research, IBM Research-Watson)


6. Streaming Analytics in Critical Care   (Tim Dinger, Peter Kirchner, Raju Pavuluri, Daby Sow, Deepak Turaga, IBM Research-Watson)


7. Personalized computational models of the infarcted heart (Viatcheslav Gurev, Jeremy Rice, Healthcare Informatics Research, IBM Research-Watson)


8. Narrowing the precision gap from bodily insight to behavioral interventions  (Henry Chang, James R Kozloski,  Noi Sukaviriya, IBM Research-Watson )


9. Precision Oncology with IBM Watson   (Takahiko Koyama, Computational Biology Group, IBM Research-Watson)


10. Curating and Integrating Data from Multiple Sources to Support Healthcare Analytics  (Amos Cahan, Kenney Ng, Healthcare Informatics Research, IBM Research-Watson)


11. Precision Drug Dosing   (Amos Cahan, Healthcare Informatics Research, IBM Research-Watson)


12. PRECISION MEDICINE- BACK TO THE DATA (Amos Cahan, Healthcare Informatics Research, IBM Research-Watson)


13. Research Projects at the Center for Health Informatics and Analytics  (Randy Giffen, IBM Canada)


14. Watson Health (Shilpa Mahatma, IBM Watson Health)  


Call for Demo / Poster Participation:
If you have a project, or even an idea, that you would like to share and showcase on the demo / poster session, please SIGN IN here:
Or email any members of IBM Precision Medicine and Wellness Day Organization Committee.


Sincerely yours,

IBM Precision Medicine and Wellness Day Organization Committee

Pei-Yun Sabrina Hsueh/Watson/IBM (, Wendy Chong/Fishkill/IBM, Amos Cahan/Watson/IBM, Niina S Haiminen/Watson/IBM, Noel C Codella/Watson/IBM, Horst Samulowitz/Watson/IBM, Norma E Sosa cortes/Watson/IBM, Henry Chang/Watson/IBM