IBM Research @ Insight 2015 - Insight 2015 - Content Services

Content Services: Enabling Collaboration, Discovery, Democratized Access, and Content-driven Applications

Rajasekar Krishnamurthy,  Sriram Raghavan,Mary Roth

There is a significant growth in the volume and variety of data available for enterprise applications, both within the enterprise across multiple business units and from outside the enterprise through public and third-party content sources. In this talk we describe technologies being developed in IBM Research to address the challenges that arise in leveraging these new sources in enterprise applications including (a) discovery of appropriate public, third-party and enterprise sources that could provide value to a specific application, (b) large-scale analysis of multiple (un/semi)structured sources to create an integrated view of entities, relationships and events of interest, (c) creation of a scalable and flexible knowledge representation and querying mechanism that supports multiple class of queries ranging from aggregate queries that allow understanding entity / relationship information over a large collection to navigational queries that enable exploration of entities / relationships to content queries that allow enhanced document-level understanding, (d) democratization of access to the integrated knowledge to a large class of enterprise users by exposing a easy-to-use interface and (e) social and collaborative experience that captures tribal knowledge (hallway conversations and email trails) among enterprise users to enable better understanding of utility, trustworthiness and provenance of data.