IBM Research @ Insight 2015 - Insight 2015 - Data Centric Security and Privacy

Data Centric Security and Privacy

Sima Nadler and Suresh Chari

The growth of data, the sophistication of ubiquitous computing and the borderless flow of data are all outstripping the ability to effectively govern data on a global basis. The ever growing business models around data, the spread of data breaches and unauthorized access to data, growing regulations around PII and the lack of effective compliance warrants a new paradigm for securing data with a comprehensive set of technologies that are data centric, focusing on the entire data life-cycle. What is needed is a holistic approach and framework to the protection of sensitive and regulation information that raises the bar on data security and privacy, leveraging emerging and differentiating technologies such as search and computation on encrypted data, data masking, sensitive data discovery, outlier detection, data fabrication, role mining, consent & policy management as the building blocks for creating an integrated approach for data centric security & privacy.