IBM Research @ Insight 2015 - Insight 2015 - Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs: What, Why, How?

Lisa Amini

Knowledge Graphs are emerging as a popular and useful way to represent and leverage codified knowledge for a variety of use cases. For example, codifying the key concepts and relationships of a particular domain can greatly accelerate a variety of tasks from providing semantic and natural language search over more traditional business intelligence data, to providing enabling query expansion and matching, to discovery and exploration of related concepts and relations extracted from a large corpus of unstructured documents. However, it is challenging to attain a high quality Knowledge Graph, especially one that provides the accuracy and coverage needed for a specific domain (such as commerce, geology, law, etc), within the context of more general knowledge. In this talk, we will describe the spectrum of knowledge graphs that are being creating, key use cases, and the novel techniques being used to address those requirements at the scale.