IBM Research @ Insight 2015 - Insight 2015 - Personalized Learning on Cloud

Personalized Learning on Cloud

Satya NittaLin Zhou

The Education sector is at the cusp of a major transformation, driven by digitization of content, and technological innovation in the areas of human computer interaction, social computing, mobile learning, cloud and data analytics. These innovations are helping drive the new blended and social model of education delivery - elearning, which is enhanced by data-driven insights on pedagogy and engagements. Further, it enables the learning to be personalized, anyone, anytime and anywhere to improve efficiency.

IBM has long been a major driving force in the education industry. IBM now is leading this new wave of transformation through such initiatives as Personalized Learning on Cloud (PLOC). It binds to IBM products and deep analytics capabilities such as Watson to develop industry wide solutions. This presentation will be focused on the IBM's POV on education solution, architecture, learning content curation, 360 degree of students, actionable insight through analytics and Watson engagement, followed by demonstrations.