IJCAI 2016 Workshop - Closing the Cognitive Loop: Third Workshop on Knowledge, Data, and Systems for Cognitive Computing - Call for Contributions

Call for Contributions

All contributions to the workshop  are expected to address the problem of converting their central technique into a cognitive computing system or service that "closes the loop" with humans and the external world. Workshop submissions should draw on one or more of three main pillars that are important when closing the cognitive loop, and the various AI disciplines that fall within those: (i) learning methods; (ii) decision making techniques; and (iii) interfacing issues. 

Learning methods have shown promise and potential in automatically learning complex models via direct training on large amounts of data in various multimodal formats. The use of such methods has recently shown a high degree of promise in creating models for tasks such as image and speech recognition, and there is encouraging progress on natural man-machine dialog.

The second pillar concerns decision making, a long-established area of AI expertise. Learned models and representations can either be used with existing decision making techniques, or these techniques themselves may require modification to deal with models that are broad but not exact.

Finally, the decisions and outcomes generated by such techniques must be communicated to humans and the outside world, and feedback and further knowledge must be incorporated back into the learning methods; all in as natural a way as possible, to encourage and aid efficient closing of the cognitive loop.

Topics of interest to the workshop will include, but are not limited to:

  • Automated Planning & Scheduling Applications
  • Knowledge Representation & Reasoning for Cognitive Systems
  • Human-Machine Interaction (HCI, HRI) issues
    • Dialog 
    • Natural Language Processing
  • Learning Techniques:
    • Deep Learning, Manifold Learning, Sparsity-based Techniques, Transfer / Cross-Modal Learning
    • Learning by Demonstration, Adaptive Recommender Systems
  • Deployed End-to-End (Integrated) AI Systems
  • Cognitive Computing Test-Beds and Benchmarks
  • Integrated Architectures to Facilitate Closing the Cognitive Loop
  • Symbiotic Autonomy and Computing
  • Ethical & Legal Ramifications of Integrated Cognitive Systems   

The workshop will include both submitted work and invited presentations. Full details on the format and length requirements can be found on the 'Submission Format' page. Additionally, there will also be a poster session that will allow for the presentation of ongoing work by students as well as by industry. 

Submissions will be examined for relevance and contribution to the above-mentioned agenda by the organizers.

Please note the deadline extension.