Astrophysics - talks

Theoretical considerations for star formation at low and high redshifts (IAU Symposium 315, August 2015).

IAU Symposium pdf file  (3.8 MB)

On the origin of Exponential Radial Profiles in Disk Galaxies (Canary Islands, Spain, Nov 2014)

Exponential Disks

The Role of HI in Star Formation (Dwingeloo, Netherlands, Sept 2015)

Role of HI

Star formation Feedback (Irsee Germany June 2015)


Star Formation in Dwarfs and Outer Regions (Spineto, Italy, June 2015)

Dwarfs and Outer Regions

Computing Challenges in the SKA Era (Rutgers Univ., March 2015)

Computing Challenges in the SKA Era