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Joel's Experiments - Retro Camera

Goal: Give new life to two old cameras by merging them

I bought a digital camera about 5 years ago, which has worked quite well until now.

Fuji Camera

Recently though, the sensor seems to have detached from the lens, giving some psychadelic effects to the image.


My father-in-law has an old film camera with a nice lens, which is now practically useless. The idea is to remove the electronics from the digital camera, and mount them inside the film camera. This should solve my problem of the disconnected sensor, since the camera will no longer require the retracting lens. This will also benefit the digital camera by allowing the use of bigger, higher quality, and removable lenses.

Film camera

The first step is to disassemble the digital camera in order to see how it is constructed in order to get an idea of how much space will be required inside the film camera.  However, the screws fastening the cover are of a proprietary 3-bladed design. This leads to a sub-project of making a custom screwdriver in order to open the case.