Computer Systems Design     


Computer Systems Design - Projects


The following links provide more details on current or recently completed projects that are vital to IBM Research.  Additional projects may also be found from each sub-discipline page above.

Design Automation & Methodology

Microprocessor Design

  • POWER8 Server Design - need project page (Matt can complete)
  • zEnterprise (TM) EC13 Server Design - need project page (Matt can complete)

Interconnect and Packaging

  • Millimeter-Wave IC and Antenna-in-Package Integration for Communication
  • Opitcal Interconnects for Server and Networking



    The DARPA-sponsored project, Power Efficiency Revolution for Embedded Computing Technologies (PERFECT) aims to evolve reliable and power-efficient computational capabilities for embedded airborne systems such as UAVs.  This project is led by IBM researchers at Yorktown and Austin in collaboration with academic partners at Harvard, Stanford and University of Virginia.

    This project, funded by the U.S Department of Energy aims to design new systems with substantial improvements in performance over state-of-the-art supercomputers.
  • The DOME Project

    This project is a collaboration between ASTRON, i.e the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, and IBM Zurich Research Labs, to inform the technology selection and roadmap for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope and to determine the design details that will enable the SKA to handle the vast amounts of data produced by its antenna systems.