Cancer Genomic Medicine - Watson for Genomics

Watson for Genomics (WfG) is cloud based system that uses computational biology approaches to analyze patient genomic data and highlight possible disease mechanisms along with potential anticancer drugs to consider. WfG analyzes a patient’s genomic profile, including mutations, copy number alterations, and gene expression changes to identify likely cancer driving alterations. From these alterations, relevant molecularly targeted therapies are presented based on drug information and pathway analysis. Behind these analyses are structured and unstructured data from a wide variety of publically available sources, including publications from scientific journals internalized using Natural Language Processing

In addition to presenting relevant therapies, WfG provides to the physician all relevant, recruiting clinical trials that the patient may be eligible. Importantly for this system, WfG regularly and comprehensively updates its source data with the latest clinical and medical information, and aims to account for all relevant diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers. WfG transforms the labor- and time intensive process of analyzing large scale omic data into a process as simple as uploading files to the cloud and receiving a completed analysis and interactive report within 5 minutes.

Here at IBM Research, by studying fundamental elements of cancer biology and emerging technologies, we are developing new capabilities for WfG thereby helping to more fully realize the dream of personalized, genomic medicine.




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